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Commemorating the First World War Centennial in Kansas

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National WW1 Memorial Gets CFA Approval

With this approval granted on July 19th, the proposed national memorial at Pershing Park in DC seems on track to a 2020 completion. To date a little over half of the estimated $42 million needed has been raised, as more foundation and corporate partners have joined the effort, which now includes Pritzker Military Museum & Library, the Starr Foundation, the Diana Davis Spencer Foundation, The Richard Lounsbery Foundation, General Motors, Huntington Ingalls Industries, the S. D. Bechtel, Jr. Foundation, The Veterans of Foreign Wars, and The American Legion. ...read more

Wings Over Kansas City

Sunday at 7:00 p.m. at the Unity Temple in Kansas City, Wings takes off once again:  https://my.theworldwar.org/697

Come for the film, come for the organ music!

C-SPAN3, June 9-10

There is one program on World War I that will appear on C-SPAN3 this weekend.  As usual, the times here are Central.

Political & Military Leaders & the End of World War I.  Naval War College professor John Maurer discusses the piece that came at the end of World War I and how it led to World War II.  It airs at 1:30 p.m. Saturday afternoon, and repeats at 5:25 a.m Sunday morning. ...read more

C-SPAN3, Memorial Day Weekend

C-SPAN3 has made sure that it did take note of World War I programming for the Memorial Day weekend, and some of it will be repeated a few times.  A reminder that all times posted here are Central, and we’re not responsible  for schedule changes.

Reel America:  Chateau – Thierry Sector U.S. Army Silent Film.  Mitchell Yockelson and Guillaume Moizan provide commentary for this film from 1918.  11 minutes.  Airs Saturday evening, May 26, at 9:00 p.m.; 3:00 p.m. Sunday afternoon, May 27; 1:00 a.m. Monday morning, May 28; 7:44 a.m. Monday morning , May 28; 10:00 a.m. Monday morning, May 28; 10:00 p.m. Monday evening, May 28. ...read more

The Post-War wars

The fighting and dying didn’t stop on November 11th, 1918. As the list below shows, it continued on somewhere for at least four more years.

Dates Between Winner Losses Result
1917-18 Finnish Soviet War I Finland- Russia Finland     38,000 Independence
1917-20 Kazakhstan War Kazakhs-Russia Russia     10,000 Annexed by USSR
1917-21 Ukrainian Soviet War Ukraine-Russia Russia   100,000 Annexed by USSR
1918-22 Finnish Border Wars Finland-Russia Draw        3,000 Treaty of Tartu
1918-19 Lith. Soviet War Lithuania-Russia Lithuania unknown Treaty 1920
1918-19 Polish Ukrainian War Poland-Ukraine Poland     25,000 Treaty of Warsaw
1918-20 Latvian Soviet War Latvia-Russia Latvia     10,000 Treaty of Riga
1918-20 Estonian Soviet War Estonia-Russia Estonia        4,000 Treaty of Tartu
1918-20 Armenian Azeri War Armenia-Azeris Indecisive     10,000
1919 Hung. Romanian War Hungary-Romania Romania        8,500
1919-20 Polish Lith. War Poland-Lithuania Poland unknown Suvalki Treaty
No dip. rel. til 1938
1919-21 Polish Soviet War Poland-Russia Poland   107,000 Treaty of Liepaja
1919-23 Greco Turkish War Greece-Turkey Turkey     33,500 Treaty of Lausanne
1919-20 Armenian Turk. War Armenia-Turkey Turkey   100,000 Tr. of Alexandropol
1920 Armenian Soviet War Armenia-Russia Russia unknown Annexed by USSR
1920 Azerbaijan War Azeris-Russia Russia unknown Annexed by USSR
1918 Georg. Armen. War I Georgia-Russia Indecisive        2,000
1918 Georgian Turkish War Georgia-Turkey Compromise unknown
1918-19 Sochi War Georgia-Russia Russia unknown
1918-19 Hungarian Czech War Hungary-CzS CzS        2,000
1920 Georg. Armen. War II Georgia-Armenia Georgia        5,000
1921 Georg.-Soviet War Georgia-Russia Russia        8,700 Annexed by USSR
1918-20 Constantinople War Allies-Turkey Turkey        1,000 Allied withdrawals
(UK, France, Italy, Greece)
1918-20 N Russian Intervention Allies-Russia Russia        2,700 Allied withdrawals
(UK, US, France, Canada)
1918-22 Siberian Intervention Allies-Russia USSR     14,000 Allied withdrawals
(Japan, US, CzS, Italy, UK, Canada, China, France, Poland, Mongolia)
1920 Vlora War Italy-Albania Albania        6,000 Italian withdrawal

Azeris = Azerbaijan

CzS = Czechoslovakia
Doesn’t include civil wars or insurrections
In many instances third parties assisted one or both combatants
German forces were involved in several of these wars


Lewis Hine’s Photographs

Lewis Hine’s photos from 1918 are featured this month in the Atlantic Monthly.

Remembering Native Americans in WW1 – the Muskogee Doughboy

Country and Western singer Merle Haggard’s (1937-2016) signature hit was “I’m Proud to be an Okie from Muskogee” (1969) , which contains the line “We still wave Old Glory  down at the Courthouse”. Three miles away there’s a Visquesney Doughboy dedicated to the service of Native Americans in WW1. Read more in this  story of interest . ...read more

The Annals of Kansas, #41

One hundred years ago in Kansas, April 22 – May 4, 1918:

April 22, 1918.

-The War Department authorized a new Kansas National Guard.  Two regiments, the Fourth and Fifth, were organized immediately.

April 30, 1918.

The Martial Adventures of Henry and Me, by William Allen White, was published by the Macmillan Co., New York.  See the previous post:  https://www.kansasww1.org/kansans-of-the-great-war-era-william-allen-white/ ...read more

WW1 Chemical Test Site identified in DC

Multi-million dollar houses in a posh section may be at risk. Read about it here.

American Women in WW1

Here’s a link to an excellent article written for high school students by the National Council for Social Studies.


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