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Commemorating the First World War Centennial in Kansas

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Butchers and Blunderers

In the years following the First World War, terms like the above title were frequently used to describe the military leadership. To many it still seems such an obvious question: with so many failed offensives with horrendous casualties, why didn’t the man in charge get the sack? Well, some did. Here’s a list. ...read more

Phonetic Alphabets

US Army Model A telephone

In the Great War, the unprecedented and widespread use of telephones and rudimentary radio telephone transmitters for command and control brought forth the problem of misunderstanding what the person on the other end was trying to yell into his primitive device, especially during the noise and confusion of combat, and thus led to the practice of spelling out words and substituting codes for letters of the alphabet. This continues to the present day, although the code set has changed several times, and the current version was first promulgated in 1956. Here’s the 1914-18 table: ...read more

WW1 Memorials in Germany and Hungary

Click here to go to a fascinating annotated collection of photographs of German war memorials that were taken between February 2014 and December 2017 by Russian documentary photographer Vova Pomortzeff, who has searched throughout the country. To date he has photographed 114 monuments to fallen German soldiers, mostly from WW1 (some are for both wars), 75 of which are shown herein, and the project is continuing. The final version will be published in 2020. ...read more

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