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C-SPAN3, December 23-24

Your festive holiday World War I viewing this weekend on C-SPAN3.  As usual, all times are Central, and we’re not responsible for schedule changes.  All programs can be viewed on the C-SPAN website after their first airing.

African Americans and World War I.  Repeating from last weekend, Saje Mathieu’s talk airs at 7:35 a.m. Saturday morning, December 23rd. ...read more

“All is Calm”

In the past I’ve tried to point out programs on World War I that various organizations might want to book at some point.  A play that has come to my attention–caution, I haven’t actually seen it, but I’ve heard good things about it–is a musical about the 1914 Christmas Truce.  Produced by the Theater Latte Da of Minneapolis, MN, it’s become a tradition of theirs at Christmas, and in recent years, they’ve taken it on the road.  While most presentations have been in the upper Midwest, this year they have been to New Jersey, Florida, and even Rolla, MO! ...read more

Educators’ Newsletter–Issue #10

The National World War I Museum and Memorial continues to issue Educators’ Newsletters on a bi-monthly basis.  Issue #10 deals with Political Consequences and Revolutions.  It can be accessed here:  http://campaign.r20.constantcontact.com/render?m=1112454519225&ca=26b1c468-7a51-42d2-a049-a6319da5b268 ...read more

Memorials to the Missing – Brookwood

The Brookwood American Battle Monuments Commission (ABMC) Memorial and Cemetery are located about 28 miles southwest of London, just outside of the city of Woking in Surrey. The site covers 4.5 acres and is a part of a large complex established in 1854 which covers 500 acres and contains over 235,000 interments. There is also a 37 acre Commonwealth War Graves Commission Cemetery here, which has 1,601 WW1 burials and 3,476 WW2 burials. Some of these burials are non-British, including whole sections of French and Italians from WW2. ...read more

C-SPAN3, December 16-18

This weekend on C-SPAN3 there will be two programs for World War I.  Both are talks given at the recent 1917 conference at the National World War I Museum and Memorial.  As usual, times here are Central, and we’re not responsible for schedule changes.

World War I and Britain’s 1917 Middle East Campaigns.  Creighton University professor John Calvert discusses the British campaigns in the Middle East in 1917, when Gaza and Jerusalem were captured from the Ottoman Empire.  The talk airs at 6:02 p.m. on Saturday, December 16th; it does not appear to repeat, at least this weekend.  Of course, this and other talks can be seen at the C-SPAN website after their first airing. ...read more

The Fiction Disclaimer

Every movie contains this statement like this in the end credits:

This is a work of fiction. Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events, is purely coincidental.

Did you know that one of the most famous characters of the WW1 era was indirectly responsible for this? That person was Gregory Rasputin, and you can read the whole story at this link. ...read more


HMT Olympic, sister ship to the RMS Titanic

One of the most interesting developments of WW1 was Dazzle Paint. As the U-boat war became more deadly the Allies sought many ways to make their ships less vulnerable. Although it proved impossible to make ships invisible to U-boats, it was possible to confuse the U-boat commander. Read about the evolution of Dazzle Paint here. ...read more

The Annals of Kansas, #31

100 years ago in Kansas, December 15-28, 1917.

December 15, 1917

  • Kansas oil refineries had more than doubled in number in the past year.  They were located at Neodesha, Cherryvale, Erie, Chanute, Coffeyville, Moran, Humboldt, Arkansas City, Caney, Augusta, El Dorado, Kansas City, Hutchinson, Niotaze, Gordon, Independence, and Wichita.
  • ...read more

    C-SPAN3, December 9-10

    There are a couple of programs airing on C-SPAN3 this weekend, including one that first aired last weekend.  As usual, all times are Central and we’re not responsible for schedule changes.  All shows can also be seen on the C-SPAN website after their first airing. ...read more

    Memorials to the Missing – Cambrai

    The Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC) Memorial to the Missing at Cambrai is situated on a terrace adjacent to the Louverval CWGC Cemetery near the village of Doignies, France. The site was the location of a field ambulance during the Battle of Cambrai (Nov. 20th to Dec. 6th, 1917) and the burials are from that time, unchanged except for the landscaping and permanent headstones added in the 1920’s. There are only 124 graves, and these would probably have been moved to a consolidation cemetery had the memorial not been built here. ...read more

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