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Commemorating the First World War Centennial in Kansas

WWI Innovations

We’ve always tried to post the Educator’s Newsletter created by the National World War I Museum and Memorial. We do so again with this month’s newsletter, with the above title:


We’ll also add to this post that the Museum and Memorial held its annual symposium this past Friday and Saturday with the theme: 1919: Peace? All sessions were taped for later viewing on C-SPAN, probably early in the new year. The sessions were excellent, so you probably won’t want to miss them, and we’ll try to give you some advance warning as to when they will air. ...read more

Hidden in Plain Sight–WWI Plaque Rediscovered, Yet Still Barely Noticed

Recently I was called into the Shawnee County District Court for jury duty. Initially there’s always a bit of waiting before you discover your fate as a juror or a free man. While waiting I took a look at the photos and other items that graced the hallway of the court house, telling something about the County’s legal history. ...read more

WWI on Turner Classic Movies for November

We have a few WWI-themed movies showing on Turner Classics this month, including two versions of Waterloo Bridge. As usual, all times are Central.

Waterloo Bridge (1931). The story of a ballerina sinking into prostitution after her husband is reported killed in WWI. This version is directed by James Whale (Frankenstein) and stars Mae Clarke and Kent Douglass. It’s at 5:00 a.m November 5th–sorry for the short notice. ...read more

More about Nick Metcalfe’s Project

Nick Metcalfe MBE

Regular readers may recall that I posted about Metcalfe’s project to find and properly mark all burials in the U.S. of persons who served in the British Imperial Forces in World War 1, and in August of 2017 I reported that his project had located two such burials in Kansas, You can read about this by clicking here. ...read more

The Real Herbert Hoover

You may have seen this clip on CBS Sunday Morning, which looks at Hoover’s life, including the Belgian relief effort.

Doughboy MIA

Only the British and the Americans attempted to keep track of the number of their missing, and the official counts are still changing as the remains of fallen soldiers are regularly found in the areas of France and Belgium that were the battle grounds of the Western Front. Every now and then an American soldier is found, particularly in the Meuse Argonne. ...read more

The Black Colts

Gun collectors and WW1 enthusiasts – Colt’s Manufacturing Co. are re-issuing their 1918 U.S. Army contract version of the .45 ACP M-1911 automatic pistol in blackened metal. These new units are faithful in every detail. Click on this link for more information. ...read more

C-SPAN3, October 20

This weekend we have the repeat of two previous shows on Sunday, October 20. As usual, times are Central.

The Presidency: Herbert Hoover’s World War I Relief Work. Airs at 8:10 a.m.

The Presidency: World War I-Era German Hunger. Airs at 12:15 p.m. ...read more

“A Museum in Baghdad”

Always interesting to see what comes up in the performing arts that has a connection to World War I. Here is a new play that talks about the Iraqi National Museum which was founded by Gertrude Bell in the 1920s, and relates it to its looting and reopening in 2006. ...read more

Armistice Day Commemoration, Bucyrus, KS

There will be an Armistice Day Commemoration held November 9 at the Queen of the Holy Rosary Wea School in Bucyrus, Miami County. More information is below:

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