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Commemorating the First World War Centennial in Kansas

They Shall Not Grow Old

They Shall Not Grow Old is a documentary produced by New Zealand-based Sir Peter Jackson, of The Lord of the Rings trilogy, and his high-tech studio Wing Nut Films, in collaboration with the Imperial War Museum.

The film footage used is entirely authentic to the war, but the speed has been re-regulated and the images digitally cleaned, improved and colorized, with stunning results. The soundtrack is taken from interviews with British veterans that were recorded forty or fifty years ago. The run time is 99 minutes and the theater version is available in 3-D. ...read more

Educator’s Newsletter, Issue 15

We’ve been pleased to send out alerts each month when the National World War I Museum and Memorial releases the monthly Educator’s Newsletter.  We do so again this month, as Issue 15–The End of the War & the Occupation of Germany, is now out.  See it here, as well as past issues you may have missed:  http://wfly.co/k3H7R ...read more

C-SPAN3, October 20 -21

After a number of World War I programs last weekend, C-SPAN cut back a bit this week.  Hopefully they’ll remember the centennial observance on November 11!

As usual, all times given here are Central.

American Artifacts:  The Lost Battalion.  Airs at 9:00 a.m. Saturday, October 20. ...read more

Memorials to the Missing – Meuse Argonne, Montfaucon and Sgt. York

The Meuse-Argonne Offensive (September 26th – November 11th, 1918), was the largest battle in U.S. military history as measured by either the casualty rate or the number of ground forces involved.

Twenty-two divisions saw action, about 1.2 million soldiers were deployed, 26,277 were killed and 95,786 were wounded. ...read more

C-SPAN2 & 3, October 11 – 15

It appears we’re getting closer to the anniversary of the Armistice.  The C-SPAN networks are piling on the World War I programming.  Let’s hope it keeps up!

As usual, all times are Central, and we’re not responsible for schedule changes (not that anyone is really blaming us . . . ) ...read more

Bleckley Day in Wichita, October 6

Medal of Honor recipient Erwin Bleckley was remembered in his native Wichita on October 6, 100 years to the day when he lost his life on the Western Front.

A video and story an be seen here:

https://www.ksn.com/news/local/-god-saved-our-souls-veterans-saved-this-country-bleckley-day-honored/1503503650 ...read more

Veterans Day at the Flint Hills Discovery Center

From the Flint Hills Discover Center Foundation, Manhattan:

In the eleventh month (November), on the eleventh day, at the eleventh hour marks the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I, which occurred in 1918. On Monday, November 12, in observance of Veteran’s Day, the Flint Hills Discovery Center will provide free admission to all military personnel active duty, retired and their families.  FHDC has honored military personnel and families with free admission on Veteran’s Day since 2013.  This is made possible from a grant secured by the Flint Hills Discovery Center Foundation through the Greater Manhattan Community Foundation.  Additional funding will be used to continue honoring our military family and friends.  If you are active military, retired or family come by on November 12, and spend some time with us at FHDC! More details here  ...read more

The North Staffordshire Tapestry

The last post was about the North Staffordshire regiment. Click here to read an article about an amazing WW1 artifact – the N Staffs Tapestry.

The Riqueval Bridge photograph

Riqueval Bridge May 2011

Many have seen this iconic image  of British soldiers lining the bank of the St. Quentin Canal in France, listening to the words of their Brig. J.V. Campbell, who must have had quite a loud voice, especially considering that after long exposure to artillery the soldiers probably didn’t have keen ears. ...read more


A dictionary definition of a straggler is ‘a person in a group who is moving more slowly or making less progress than the others’. In a military setting there can be a fine line between a straggler and a deserter, who is a person who has demonstrated by his actions or the passage of time that he has no intention of rejoining his group. There are also associated with straggling or deserting the additional concepts of ‘shirking’ or ‘skulking’, which mean avoiding difficult or dangerous situations. ...read more

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